RTC tube bundle cleaning according to the AC Rädler method, for evaporators, preheaters and condensers

• Delays new caking,
• Often results in longer operating times and
• Massive energy savings
• Without high pressure and
• Without chemistry.
• The problem solver for hard coatings and clogged pipes

How does it work?

A drill head that centers itself in the pipe is driven by a rotating push rod.
Water constantly escapes from the drill head, which washes away the detached crusts and particles.
The small particles polish the pipe surface in the gap between the drill head shank and the pipe to a metallic finish.

• In the pipe only 2-4 bar instead of 1000 or more bar water pressure. Thus water consumption of approx. 9 l/min instead of around 400 l/min with high pressure process
• Therefore also excellently suitable for graphite blocks and tubes
• No aerosols, no contamination of your system!
• No high-pressure hazard to persons and plant components!
• Service water is enough. No fresh water required
• Cleaning possible when installed

That means:

• Full regeneration possible
• Even with completely clogged pipes
• Short, fast cleaning process
• No pipe damage

The RTC process removes even the hardest caking and complete blockages cleanly from the tubes.

Wilk-Graphite GmbH is sales partner of AC Rädler Umwelttechnik GmbH / Vienna.

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