Silicon carbide protection tubes

SiC Protection Tubes

For pipelines and containers. Pressureless sintered SSiC guarantees highest chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance against aggressive and abrasive media. The thermal conductivity, better than all metals, ensures the fastest sensor response.

SiC protection tubes with flange

For easy mounting and reliable sealing on test flanges.
For flanges DN25 / DN32 / DN50 up to 300 mm. Special lengths and sizes on request, we also offer custom plastic tubing.

SiC protection tubes without flange

For traditional assembly and O-ring sealing.
Various sizes from AD/ID 16/10 mm to 34/24 mm. Lengths up to 1,500 mm.
Special lengths and sizes on request.

PFA-lined instrument T with SiC flanged protection tube

Complete unit for DN25/25, DN50/25 and DN80/25 for insertion into PTFE-lined steel pipes
Set consisting of
– 1 pc. Instrument-T DN 25 or 50 or 80/25, lined with PFA
– 1 SiC protection tube with flange
– 1 pc. Threaded flange DN25 with connection thread Rp 1″ (opt. Rp ½”)
– 1 pc. Flat gasket

Properties of SSiC

– Composition: Single-phase pressureless
sintered SSiC
– Density: 3.12 +/- 0.02 g/cm³
– Porosity: 0,06 %.
– Bending strength: 402+/-35 Mpa
– Hardness according to Vickers: 19.2+/-1.8 Gpa
– Fracture toughness: 3.8 +/-0.7 Mpa/m
– Young’s modulus: 410+/-10 Gpa
– Thermal conductivity: 130+/-10 W/mk
– Coefficient of expansion: 4,66 10-6/K
– Test pressure: 100 bar

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