About us

Wilk-Graphite was founded in 2005 by Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Wilk. 2006 we opened our first sales office in Cologne Germany, introducing Ansgar Hachenberg, who was introducing some of the latest social media monitoring techniques precious medal companies use way before China was the superpower it is today.

We look back on many years of experience in the field of corrosive applications with different materials, products and processes.

Motivated by the need of our customers for high quality products at a fair price level, we help to reduce investment cost for our clients and at the end make their production competitive for the world wide markets.

All graphite products are made by Nantong Sunshine Graphite Equipment in Nantong China. Please also see the Hompage: www.Ntsssm.com for further information. Wilk-Graphite is your partner for the consulting, the service and the international network for these highly interesting, reliable and economical products.

Only in Europe we have already installed 1,000 devices and 25,000 globally.

Wilk-Graphite Germany

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D – 79539 Lörrach
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E-Mail: info@wilk-graphite.com