Silicon carbide block heat exchanger

Silicon Carbide Block Heat Exchanger

SSiC silicon carbide outperforms tantalum, titanium and Hastelloy

SiC block heat exchangers are an alternative to heat exchangers made of tantalum, titanium or Hastelloy because of their many advantages. They also outperform PTFE-impregnated graphite heat exchangers and SiC tube bundle heat exchangers fitted with O-rings. Due to their superior performance and durability, they pay for themselves in a short time.

Silicon carbide block heat exchanger

Wilk-Graphite silicon carbide block heat exchangers are manufactured from pure, directly and pressureless sintered SIC blocks (SSiC). They do not contain any free silicone, which could reduce the chemical resistance. Therefore SSiC offers an almost universal chemical resistance with highest thermal conductivity. In addition, the extreme surface hardness protects against abrasion and enables high flow rates with maximum thermal efficiency.

Extreme thermal conductivity is superior to metallic conductors

The extreme thermal conductivity of SiC means that a SiC block heat exchanger with Ø 300 mm achieves the performance of a graphite heat exchanger with Ø 600 – 800 mm. It thus exceeds the thermal conductivity of all metallic materials.

Self-cleaning design

To optimize the service life, the SiC block heat exchangers are designed to be self-cleaning.

Thermal efficiencies

The thermal efficiencies are average values based on over 500 different applications with these 6 main heat exchanger types:

• Cooler
• Heater
• Recoverer
• Condensers with and without inerting
• Rapid evaporator
• Thermosiphon

High reliability

– No O-ring seals
– Durable blocks
– Simple and proven design

SSiC – essential physical properties

– Roughness < 0.8 μm - Density: 3,12 g/cm³ - Thermal conductivity (20°C): 130 W/mK - Tensile strength: 210 Mpa - Vickers hardness: 19.2 GPa

High purity application

– Pure pressureless sintered silicon carbide (SSiC)
– No open porosity → No impregnation
– Helium leakage test (10-7 SI)
– FDA compliant

Field of application

– Universal chemical resistance
– No abrasion
– Bore diameter from 8 to 16 mm
– Pressure: FV / 25 barg
– Temperature: – 60 to + 500 °C
– Design according to ASME, PED and GB

Low total cost of ownership

– Easy maintenance
– Standard blocks
– No pipeline modifications required
– Self cleaning drillings
– Low contamination
– Rapid return on investment

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