Carbex Graphite Reactor


For Heating – Cooling – Mixing

The Carbex® graphite reactor is made first of all for HF (hydrofluoric acid).
However, due to the superior heat transfer of graphite and the well thought about design on the service side the reactor has got an excellent heat capacity.
Faster reactions are resulting.
Moreover, often additional external heat exchangers can be avoided.
The Carbex® graphite reactor is available either in individual sizes or following the standards up to 10 m³.

The benefits:
• K value of up to 1.500 W/m²K due to superior design on service side
• Faster reactions
• No additional external heat exchanger needed
• No free metal ions in the medium
• Resistant to HF up to 40% and 110 °C
• -1 / +8 bar
• Up to 180 °C
• Easy maintenance

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