Steel vessels

Steel pressure vessels & heat exchangers

Steel pressure vessels, apparatuses and tube bundle heat exchangers of the Joint Venture with Nantong Sunshine

Wilk-Graphite represents the steel pressure vessels, apparatuses and tube bundle heat exchangers of the joint venture from Nantong, China. The aim of the cooperation between the two companies is to connect the great experiences in vessel manufacturing with a low-cost manufacturing in China. Resulting is a production according to international standards (PED, AD, U-Stamp), monitored by the TÜV Rheinland, with an attractive cost structure.

Nantong Sunshine is already well known internationally as a partner for our graphite heat exchangers in China and one of the leading companies for equipment but also the creation of complex turn-key systems with their own expertise.


Surface treatments:
• Sandblasting
• Grinding
• Polishing
• E-polishing
• Pickling
• Passivation
• Painting
• Rubber lining

• Workpieces up to 40 tons
• Max length 15 m piece of the X-ray room
• Up to 4,500 mm diameter
• Small container production
• Sandblasting
• Painting
• X ray

• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Titan
• Hastelloy
• Platted steel
• Combination of material

Installations and equipment
• Welding machines
• CNC drilling machines
• CNC flame cutting machine
• Lathes
• Benders
• Sawing
• Drilling and milling machines


• Chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical
• Petrochemical
• Mining and hydro-metallurgy
• Energy
• Environment
• Desalination plants
• Air separation

Production program
Design and manufacture of:
• Shell and tube heat exchangers
• Reactors
• Agitator vessels
• Vacuum vessels
• Columns
• Autoclaves
• Storage containers
• Templates, silos, tanks
• Steel structures
• Flanges, covers

Service work is carried out locally by our contractual partners.

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