Steel pressure vessels & heat exchangers

Steel pressure vessels, apparatuses and tube bundle heat exchangers of the Joint Venture Ebner GmbH & Co KG + Nantong Sunshine

Wilk-Graphite represents the steel pressure vessels, apparatuses and tube bundle heat exchangers of the joint venture Ebner-Sunshine Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. from Nantong, China. The aim of the cooperation between the two companies is to connect the great experiences in vessel manufacturing of Ebner with a low-cost manufacturing in China. Resulting is a production according to international standards (PED, AD, U-Stamp), monitored by the TÜV Rheinland, with an attractive cost structure.

Nantong Sunshine is already well known internationally as a partner for our graphite heat exchangers in China and one of the leading companies for equipment but also the creation of complex turn-key systems with their own expertise.

Ebner is known as a leading engineering company specialized in evaporation and crystallization, and their own workshop for the equipment.


Surface treatments:
• Sandblasting
• Grinding
• Polishing
• E-polishing
• Pickling
• Passivation
• Painting
• Rubber lining

• Workpieces up to 40 tons
• Max length 15 m piece of the X-ray room
• Up to 4,500 mm diameter
• Small container production
• Sandblasting
• Painting
• X ray

• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Titan
• Hastelloy
• Platted steel
• Combination of material

Installations and equipment
• Welding machines
• CNC drilling machines
• CNC flame cutting machine
• Lathes
• Benders
• Sawing
• Drilling and milling machines


• Chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical
• Petrochemical
• Mining and hydro-metallurgy
• Energy
• Environment
• Desalination plants
• Air separation

Production program
Design and manufacture of:
• Shell and tube heat exchangers
• Reactors
• Agitator vessels
• Vacuum vessels
• Columns
• Autoclaves
• Storage containers
• Templates, silos, tanks
• Steel structures
• Flanges, covers

Service can be performed in Germany at the company Ebner.

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