Sulfuric acid concentration

ExtrAcidTM system for sulfuric acid (H2SO4) concentration

Based on Wilk-Graphite’s SIC block heat exchanger.

This patented system concentrates sulfuric acid (H2SO4) from any concentration up to 99.3%. It halves the investment costs (CAPEX) and the required footprint. At the same time, the ongoing operating costs (OPEX) are also reduced by producing process steam up to 10 bar as a by-product. The system is supplied worldwide as a ready-to-operate frame construction.

SCU means Sulphuric acid Concentration Unit.


• From 20 % to 96
• 300 °C & FV / 16 bar

ADVANTAGES of the ExtrAcidTM system

• Always 99.3 % output concentration, even with fluctuating input concentration
• Generates process steam
• Low investment, low operating costs
• Ready to use frame construction
• Low fouling
• Easy maintenance
• Small footprint
• No corrosion
• Modular construction
• H2O2  and F comply with the limits
• Safety shields on all flanges

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