SCANVEX Spray Control
Many of the processes were graphite is used have aggressive and media, which are not allowed to get into the environment. This is why we added safety shields to our range of products. The items protect flange connections against uncontrolled spray out of media in case of an leakage. The brand name for the various types of shields is SCANVEX.

SCANVEX Spray Control Rings
Spray Control Rings are made of stainless steel and have a wire layer at the inside, which reduces the pressure of the spray out imediately. They are handy to be installed and can be used many times.

SCANVEX Safety Shields
The SCANVEX Safety shields come in many different materials, which are resistant to nearly every fluid that can be in a process. They are available as see through versions, which allows a permanent visual inspection of the flange. And not only flanges. Our Safety shields can cover more or less anything that is a pipe: bellows, valves, sight glasses etc.

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