Silicon carbide heat exchangers and other SiC products

Silicon Carbide heat exchangers and other SiC products

Outstanding properties of silicon carbide

Our SiC products are manufactured from pure, directly and pressureless sintered silicon carbide, the so-called SSiC. They no longer contain any free silicon ions. Therefore SSiC offers an almost universal chemical resistance. The thermal conductivity is better than that of all metals. The extreme surface hardness protects against abrasion, even in highly abrasive environments. Like hardly any other material, SSiC is excellently suited for extreme high temperature applications.

Silicon Carbide block heat exchanger

SiC block heat exchangers are an alternative to heat exchangers made of tantalum, titanium or Hastelloy because of their many advantages. They also outperform PTFE-impregnated graphite heat exchangers and SiC tube bundle heat exchangers fitted with O-rings. Due to their superior performance and durability, they pay for themselves in a short time.

They are manufactured from pure, direct and pressureless sintered SSiC blocks. The extreme surface hardness protects against abrasion and enables high flow rates at maximum thermal efficiency.

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Silicon carbide components

Special shapes according to your specifications. Pressureless sintered SSiC for highest thermal, chemical and abrasive resistance

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Properties of SSiC

– Composition: Single-phase unpressurized
. sintered SSiC
– Density: 3.12 +/- 0.02 g/cm³
– Porosity: 0,06 %.
– Bending strength: 402+/-35 Mpa
– Hardness according to Vickers: 19.2+/-1.8 Gpa
– Fracture toughness: 3.8 +/-0.7 Mpa/m
– Young’s modulus: 410+/-10 Gpa
– Thermal conductivity: 130+/-10 W/mk
– Coefficient of expansion: 4,66 10-6/K
– Test pressure: 100 bar

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